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In an effort to help computer users get the most from the time and money they invest in using their computers I publish a bi-monthly column for the Morgan Hill Times called "Computer Corner". The purpose of this publication is to educate PC users on everything from bits, bytes and IP Addresses to Viruses and Backups. Each article builds on the information provided in previous editions so take the time to read each in the order provided. If you have any questions about the information provided or have suggestions for future editions please feel free to email me (MHTimes@JuanMurillo.com). This page is updated twice monthly as new articles are published so check back often.

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1 - Getting Down to the Basics

2 - Know What You're Buying

3 - Computer Memory and Hard Disks – How much is enough?

4 - Viruses: What are they and how can you protect yourself?

5 - Firewalls: They’re not just for Old Smokey anymore

6 - Cookies

7 - IP Addressing - Part 1

8 - IP Addressing - Part 2

9 - Preventative Maintenance

10 - Preparing for the Worst - It’s not if, it’s when…

11 - Preparing for the Worst - Part 2

12 - Backup Methods

13 - Tips & Tricks - Part 1

14 - Tips & Tricks - Part 2

15 - Links

16 - Digital Camera Buying Guide

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