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Let me introduce you to Joe. Joe is your M.V.E. - your Most Valuable Employee. He's your "go-to" guy. When somebody needs something done they go to Joe and he handles it. He knows where everything is stored, who to call when supplies run low and has all your vendor account numbers memorized. He doesn't call in sick, and even when he takes a day off he's available by phone to answer questions. In a word Joe is indispensable.

Then one day, Joe doesn't show up for work. Concerned you call his home only to find that poor Joe has suffered a heart attack and won't be returning to work any time soon. Now what? Joe was the only one who knew what to do and how to do it! You may be able to replace Joe someday but your business is going to suffer until Joe's replacement gets up to speed.

Contrast this scenario to one in which all your company's vital processes are available to any employee at a moments notice. Everything from the procedures to follow when opening and closing the store to the policies your employees are expected to adhere to when dealing with irate customers.

Maybe you've got a Joe in your office or maybe you are Joe. Either way, everyday that you operate without a clearly defined Policy and Procedure manual, your business is in jeopardy. Don't wait until something happens to Joe. Contact me and let me show you how to safeguard your business and intellectual assets.

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